South Eastern Seniors Golf Association


Dues are $30.00 a year for each player and must be paid by January 31. New members or renewal of membership after January 31 will be on an adjustment basis. Each tournament will be $15 to $18.
SESGA plays every Tuesday and Thursday except on holidays.
If a member wishes to bring a guest and play, he must notify the president ahead of the tournament and (1) the guest cannot win in individual play, (2) the guest cannot win or enter closest to the pin and (3) the guest cannot compete in 2/4 Man Superball/Bestball and cannot be the 5th person in a group.
If you use a mulligan for a shot you cannot use a first shot that you made at all in 2 Man Superball. In 4 Man Superball, if you use a mulligan to replace a shot before you partner hits, you may choose between your mulligan or your partners shot. If you hit a mulligan, you cannot use your first shot under any circumstances. A mulligan cannot win closest to the pin.
Slow Play:
If in the opinion of the local pro or a SESGA Director, a group is playing too slow, their scores will not be counted.
There will be no practicing on the course of play prior to or during the tournament.
Tees and such:
Play at all tournaments will be from the Gold or corresponding tees.

Golfers, age 75 and over, may play from the Red tees or ladies tees.

Ball may be moved one club length inside the tree lines or the fairway. Ball my not be moved in a hazard. A ball on the green must be holed out.

A triple bogey is maximum score on a hole for a player.

In Superball, all other rules are the same except Triple Bogey, there is no stroke limit on a hole in Superball.